Meet the Team

Tricia Williams | Founder

Tricia has always had a natural knack for spontaneity. She is the kind of woman you leave a conversation with welcoming new perspectives and ideas, accredited to her passion for constant learning in order to give back. Heavily motivated by her three active children, Tricia’s passion leans toward paving the nature-loving life for her family, while guiding them to build a life-long relationship with and appreciation for the great outdoors. Leaving Penn State University with a BA in Business Management and a minor in Marketing & Advertisement, Tricia has since used her education to better the communities within and around her. With over 17 years of experience, Tricia handled the “entrepreneur” title with ease, starting her first e-commerce brand in 2017 that is still thriving today: The Cairn Collective. The business is responsible for planting nearly 5,000 trees through partnership with a notoriously environmentally active non-profit, One Tree Planted. On top of The Cairn Collective, Tricia runs her second business, Social Clover Marketing, that focuses on innovative strategies for an ever changing digital world.

Although born and raised in Pennsylvania, Tricia has traveled around the country, living out of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, camping with her husband, and exploring National Parks along the way. Accompanied by her two dogs and 8 chickens who mirror her same outgoing personality, Tricia aspires to start a small farm full of pigs, goats, and horses one day... although her neighbors might miss the free eggs she gives them in exchange for their acceptance of chicken noises. It could be the notebook attached to her hip to capture her effervescent, creative mind, or the adventurous, outdoorsy spirit she carries––but whatever it is, your time with Tricia Williams is bound to be full of exciting surprises.

Jessy Moyer | Digital Marketing

Jessy is a 2019 graduate of Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont who has since filled her time with anything but what she studied in school. Whether she was your local barista, the neighborhood dog walker, or your kid’s babysitter, Jessy has successfully avoided wearing a professional hat, as any other confused twenty-something commonly achieves. Having studied Communication & Public Relations in school, she is now returning to her interest in digital marketing after a year and a half hiatus, channeling experience from previous work with both corporations and nonprofits including Amazon Teen and the Vermont Department of Health for her new position with Forever Cairn.  

In her personal life, Jessy is an unfit plant-mom, unintentionally killing nearly every plant she cares for. Doubling as a professional amateur at art, she explores any medium that allows her to create and learn new skills. She can stand on a skateboard without falling, do a half-hearted cartwheel, and pretend to lose a relay race to any small child for the sake of building their ego. Ultimately a committed lover and activist of the environment, Jessy is excited to expand her time with Forever Cairn, working alongside a fellow nature-lover and sustainable liver.