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About Forever Cairn

We care about our planet's future.

Forever Cairn was founded with humble beginnings in 2017 by Tricia Williams, who wanted to start a business that would give back. A lover of the great outdoors, Tricia’s goal was to share her passion for saving the planet while also embracing her creative side. Coming in contact with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization that plants one tree for every dollar donated, was what tied her whole vision together: purchasing with a purpose. Upon building this partnership with One Tree Planted, Forever Cairn has committed to donating $1 with every purchase, which goes toward global reforestation.

As of December 2020, Forever Cairn has planted over 5,200 trees… and it doesn’t stop there.

Team members of Forever Cairn handcraft jewelry from their own studio, while also sourcing fair-trade from women artisans in India. This dynamic collective of artists and environmental activism is what makes Tricia’s mission of building a nature-focused community possible.


A strong community is game for change.

At Forever Cairn, we strive to continuously give back to nature. We work with One Tree Planted to help preserve one of Earth's most essential pieces: trees. Since the organization’s start in 2014, they've planted 15 million trees in four collective continents. They recognize our forests are in danger and make it their mission to restore them in a community-oriented way, making it easy for anyone to give back to nature through a simple donation of just $1. 

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