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Tricia Williams

I am a lucky mom to 3 pint size hikers and wife to an amazingly supportive husband.  We choose to channel our best energy outdoors and can be seen or heard wandering through many of the parks that Pennsylvania has to offer.  

You've found Forever Cairn.  Here's the deal. I dream up the products with specific connections to nature in mind.   For EVERY item sold,  a TREE is planted.  It is that simple.  You can read about our partnership with One Tree Planted below.  It is my hope that we can make a huge positive impact for ALL of our wanderers and the future of their children.  


Jessy Moyer

Jessy Moyer is a 2019 graduate of Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont who has since filled her time with anything but what she studied in school. Whether she was your local barista, the neighborhood dog walker, or your kid’s babysitter, Jessy has successfully avoided wearing a professional hat, as any other confused twenty-something commonly achieves. Having studied Communication & Public Relations in school, she is now returning to her interest in digital marketing after a year and a half hiatus, channeling experience from previous work with both corporations and nonprofits including Amazon Teen and the Vermont Department of Health for her new position with Forever Cairn. 

In her personal life, Jessy is an unfit plant-mom, unintentionally killing nearly every plant she cares for. Doubling as a professional amateur at art, she explores any medium that allows her to create and learn new skills. She can stand on a skateboard without falling, do a half-hearted cartwheel, and pretend to lose a relay race to any small child for the sake of building their ego. Ultimately a committed lover and activist of the environment, Jessy is excited to expand her time with Forever Cairn, working alongside a fellow nature-lover and sustainable liver.

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