It’s Cold. You Should STILL Get Outside!

Here at Cairn Collective, it may come as no surprise that we’re big supporters of getting outside and enjoying all the natural world has to offer. For those of you living in parts of the world experiencing the cold of winter right now, you may find that to be a challenge, but we encourage you to push through and do it! Here are some reasons why…

  1. Fresh Air. Did you know that outdoor air is generally far less polluted, especially areas with an abundance of plant life? It’s true! Being cooped up indoors also contributes to what’s known as “cold season,” making us more prone to catching germs when we share enclosed spaces with others. Even if you’re only outside for a couple of minutes, taking a few deep breaths of air can be wonderfully healthy for your lungs.
  2. Vitamin D. When we hole up inside, we lose out on the Vitamin D benefits we receive from the sunshine, including positive impacts on our immune system and mood elevating feelings.
  3. Stress Reduction. The study of environmental psychology has shown that spending time in nature is quite effective in reducing stress. Shift your attitude towards a snow day by taking a walk and appreciating how snowflakes are individual in nature, or how ice crystals have beautifully formed on a nearby tree branch. Walking, and other forms of outdoor exercise, also aid in elevating your metabolism, which is always a good thing.
  4. Mood Boosting. You’ve almost certainly heard of the Winter Blues, and may even feel like you are, or have, experienced them. Getting out in the sunlight is one of the best methods of relief! Sunlight helps our bodies to release serotonin, an important feel-good chemical. It also aids the production of melatonin, which helps to regulate our sleep cycle. It’s no secret that if you’re not sleeping well, your mood is almost certainly negatively affected.
  5. Sharpen Your Mind. In a study conducted nearly a decade ago at the University of Michigan, findings revealed that interacting with nature improves cognitive function, regardless of weather conditions. What does that mean? Fresh air is also necessary for clearing your mind and creating positive thoughts.

So, we at Cairn Collective encourage you to be proactive and to take the time to get outside. Your mind and body will thank you!

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