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Supporting Businesses that Do Good

Let’s be honest, it feels good to buy yourself a treat of sorts every now and then. But what makes that purchase even sweeter could be the cause you’re supporting in the process.

According to Small Business Trends, 71 percent of consumers today prefer buying from companies aligned with their values.

Does that sentiment resonate with you? If so, and if you care about our planet’s future, you need to meet Berks County-based Forever Cairn.

Giving Back to our Planet

Forever Cairn was humbly founded in 2017 by Tricia Williams. She wanted to start a business that would give back to one of her loves: the great outdoors. The aim was to embrace her creative side by selling handmade jewelry crafted by Forever Cairn team members in their own studios as well as those sourced fair-trade from women artisans in India, and then to donate $1 from each purchase to support global reforestation.

One Tree Planted

To do this, Williams found the perfect partner in One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization that plants a tree for every dollar donated. As of December 2020, Forever Cairn, in partnership with One Tree Planted, has planted more than 5,200 trees.

Since the organization got its start in 2014, it has helped to plant 15 million trees in four continents.

Shop and Find

Forever Cairn boasts seasonal lines of jewelry, including the best bracelets, earrings and necklaces, as well as apparel items. Fans can shop online or at one of the brand’s partners, including Betula’s Botanica in West Reading, The Mint Leaf in Leesport, Madcap & Co. in Lancaster, Carriage House Style in Lebanon and Artisan Mill Co. in Lititz.

What is a Cairn? Aligned with the brand’s mission to support the Earth, a Cairn is a mound of rocks balanced on top of one another, usually built to guide hikers by marking a specific trail, and signifying strength, balance and guidance.

The products sold by Forever Cairn come with a deeply personal meaning, making them the best gift ideas for friends and loved ones. Ready to shop and support a local, small business? Head to one of the aforementioned locations or visit

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